Your Challenge

The world around us contains beautiful charm and things of old elegance. But inside businesses, old systems are a pain.

In today's rapidly-changing environment, technology we once admired as leading-edge has quickly turned into legacy. Companies are faced with the challenges of old software systems written by developers no longer around. Support is handed off to those who barely understand the system, making enhancements near impossible. Employees avoid these legacy applications seen as offering no future career opportunities. Yet manually replacing entire systems may tie up valuable resources for years, cost millions of dollars, and be full of risk.

This is where Kencura Systems help. After years of professional services experience assisting large clients address this problem, we baked our modernization know-how (the "ken") into software algorithms. We packaged a "BI Modernization Suite" of applications along with a formal methodology for approaching the problem in order to reduce the time, cost, risk, and skill requirements of what would typically be a huge undertaking.

Our Specialty

Kencura Systems specialize in transforming legacy business intelligence applications into modern, web-based products. Often, these old systems are host-based tools such as: FOCUS, NOMAD, RAMIS, or QMF. Other reporting products commonly being replaced include: SAP Business Objects, Crystal Reports, Cognos, and others.

These applications contain multiple components needing converted: application logic (reports, graphs, extracts, business rules, etc.), user interfaces, metadata, and batch processing. Sometimes the underlying data is also being modernized, so the data access methods must be converted (for example, into a modern dialect of SQL or NoSQL). In addition to modernizing the BI product, companies will often port the applications to a new platform. That means transforming all associated operating system commands.

We developed software to automate as much of the manual work as possible. The BI Modernization Suite has two main components:

  • BI Analyzer: automated up-front analysis of the modernization effort
  • BI Transformer: automated transformation of legacy apps into modern replicas

About Us

The need to quickly adopt emerging technology has always existed. In the early 1990s, we began creating conversion utilities for our local clients; instead of performing the same manual efforts repeatedly, we wanted a faster, automated approach.

After accumulating a decade of hands-on learning, we formalized a software-assisted services framework for leverage by a range of organizations. Our software and methodology have been utilized in large BI modernization initiatives for well-known global companies, dramatically reducing the time and cost of the projects.

Kencura Systems was founded in 2004 by Douglas Lautzenheiser, an expert veteran in the BI industry, who has worked with many Fortune 2000 firms. We offer this solution to our clients as part of a services engagement.

Contact Us

Contact us to discuss helping with your BI modernization initiatives:

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